Welcome to SilBRAZE

SilBRAZE Products are brought to you by Johnson Matthey Noble Metals Australia.
SilBRAZE is a family of high quality Cadmium Free brazing and other metal joining products designed to meet the exacting needs of the plumbing, HVAC&R, engineering, agricultural and other industries using silver and bronze brazing and welding. Our silver brazing solders are manufactured to the highest standards with conformance to the requirements of Australian Standard 1167, as well as Watermark™ certification for all of our low-silver phosphorus alloys. The product range includes phosphorus copper alloys, silver copper phosphorus alloys, high silver Cadmium Free brazing alloys, engineering bronzes, flux coated brazing rods and fluxes.

Johnson Matthey corporate site: www.matthey.com.au  SilBRAZE is a Johnson Matthey (Aust.) Ltd. brand".